Youth Development (Birth to Adolescence)

Education Is The Key To Success


Education is the single most important issue facing the City and the Nation today. If our children are to be adequately prepared for the technology of tomorrow, we all must take responsibility for the education of our children today. Here at BTM Center for Excellence: the community, parents and teachers embrace this challenge and work together to ensure that children are educated in the City, State and Nation. BTM is a Christian learning center that provides a comprehensive academic enrichment program that creates a well-rounded learning experience for students, before school, after school and during school as needed. Students’ progress is enhanced through the mastery of the core learning standards. Our program is designed to develop and preserve: academic skill, discipline, honor and integrity in each individual; thereby cultivating strength of character and individual excellence that will empower young people to reach their fullest potential in every aspect of their life. 


We work in partnership with the parents, school and communities to provide tutoring services, homework help, enrichment activities and after-school programs to meet the specific needs of the children in different subject matter. We make learning fun in positive, safe environments for youth of all ages. 


We offer tutoring services to empower students in need of a little extra help to become independent and successful learners. We work with students to improve their study skills, increase their confidence and attitude and improve their social and behavioral skills. Students perform better on tests, school work and complete homework correctly and completely.

Preschool Rocks

We offer early childhood educational services to children between the ages of 3-5 years of age in caring and stimulating environments that are conducive to growth and development. The core of our curriculum is purposeful and meaningful play that incorporates different learning styles allowing the child’s natural curiosity to direct his / her learning through hands on activities, sharing of ideas and information that stimulates the passion to learn. 

College Prep

Rocking Readers Club

Math Madness

Puzzle Palooza

Discovering Dinosaurs

Parenting Education and Support Group: 

This is a voyage, an expedition into the world of parenting from a Christian perspective. Participants are invited to embark on this voyage of healing the brokenness that exists within the family today. We encourage parents of all ages to attend workshops that cover such topics as healthy lifestyles, communication skills, child development, discipline, stress management, literacy, promoting self-esteem, problem solving and behavior management.

Parent Creed: 

As parents we are our child’s 1st teacher. 

We must Love, Educate and Train up our children in a way that will ensure he/she fulfill the purpose for which they were created. 

We are our children’s most important role model. 

We are responsible for our children’s welfare and we have our children best interest at heart.