“Excellence is the Result of Caring more than others think is Wise, Risking more than others think is Safe, Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and Expecting more than others think is Possible.”  "It's quality as a way of life"― Ronnie Oldham


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr. 



(From The Dream – To The Reality )

I dreamed I stood in a studio and watched three sculptures there. The clay they used was a young child’s mind and they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher; the tools she used were books and music and art. And one was a parent with a guiding hand and loving heart. The third was a community member with encouraging words and supportive hands.  Day after day the teacher toiled with touch that was deft and sure, while the parent labored by her side and polished and smoothed it o’re. The community member’s hand was at each of their backs to enhance their efforts, add shine and prevent any falls through the cracks.  And when at last their task was done, they were proud of what they'd wrought for the things they’d molded into the child could neither be sold nor bought. And each agreed he would have failed if he had worked alone. For behind the parent stood the school and behind the teacher, stood the home but behind them both stood the Community.  


Healthy Well-rounded Productive and Sustainable Livelihoods

Building Up The Potential Of The Whole Child


We believe each child is unique and has the ability to reach their fullest potential with the love and support of caring parents and communities. We believe that our children must receive a world class education if they are going to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and that necessary resources must be made available to that end.  


We believe that parents are the first teachers and every effort should be made to ensure that every child in every home has the resources to reach their fullest potential. We believe that the school, community and parents have to work together to ensure that children are prepared to excel academically and in life. We believe teachers should teach to the needs of all the children thereby assisting all learners to be proficient and successful. The curriculum should involve the interest of the children and be relevant to life as well as provide opportunities for leadership.  


 We believe that every child is fearfully and wonderfully made. We believe every child should understand what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made. We believe all children should be made to feel beautiful inside and out regardless of race color or creed. Every child should understand their rich heritage and embrace diversity, feeling strong and confident in their own abilities and skill set.  


 We believe every child should have a sense of pride & humility to bring out the best in their abilities in home, school and community. Each of these environments should be safe, caring and unbiased and a place where each child can grow and blossom. We believe that each of these environments is equally responsible for cultivating each child to love and believe in God and their God given abilities. 


 We believe that everyone plays a role and has a responsibility in the development of the youth in every community. As leaders in the community, we believe that parents, teachers, community residents or anyone directly involved with children must remember to reflect on the times that they were growing up and some way somehow remind ourselves that we were young once. We must reach out to our youth, embrace our youth, love our youth and make every effort to understand our youth regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they have done. 

Our Values


Sacredness of Human Life: We value the sacredness of human life, created in the image and likeness of God, which compels us to respect life as a gift from God in all stages of development and wholeness.

Community: We value community; people united in a bond of peace, love, and shared vision working for the common good.

Family Life: We value healthy family life, which promote the well-being of the whole person.   

Stewardship: We value stewardship, by promoting the use and sharing of God-given resources to serve the needs of the community.

Justice: We value justice, through which all people receive the goods and services needed for human living, regardless of race, age, gender, creed, limitation, or economic condition.

About Us

Who We Are?


They are comprised of civil and business leaders, educators and concerned citizens who believe safe, vibrant, self-sustaining communities are paramount in the education of our children. BTM Center for Excellence set specific funding priorities to generate opportunities to engage students, parents, and community residents in creating safe robust learning environments through volunteerism, donations, sponsorships and fundraising activities.

Why Do We Advocate?

We advocate on behalf of individuals that are poor and vulnerable especially those living in communities that are under-served and filled with violence. 

We advocate for children to grow up in safe, loving and nurturing environments. We advocate for elders to live in a secure place in dignity.

We advocate for families and services that will allow them to grow and reach an optimal quality of life. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers engage students by designing and implementing learning activities that positively increase student engagement, cognitively, socially and behaviorally. Learning activities are meaningful and promotes mastery benchmarks. Each activity fosters a sense of efficacy and or productivity that builds strength and allows students to accept the challenge and effectively perform the activity.  Autonomy Support and structured opportunities for collaborative learning, facilitates positive connections, good sportsmanship and communication skills.

Our Team

We Have An Inspirational And Passionate Team of Experts Dedicated To Building The Skills And Knowledge Needed to Excel Academically and Throughout Life. 



Details: Our educators are a team of inspirational and skillful teachers that have a passion for helping our youth excel to their fullest potential. They set the stage to engage and create educational strategies and teaching techniques that stimulate the intellectual, emotional, social and physical well-being of each child. Students participate in activities and projects that appeal to student interest or stimulate their curiosity. 

Life Coach / Mentors


"Happiness Is When What You Think, What You Say And What You Do Are In Harmony" -Mahatma Gandhi

Our team of coaches works with individuals and their families to achieve their optimal potential and to become productive parents, students, entrepreneurs, community residents and citizens. Our life coaches are amazing and are assisting others to live extraordinary lives. 

Community Liaisons

Our community liaisons serve as a very important link between home, school and community. They are the bridge to connecting organizations to the communities they serve.