* Listen * Think * Learn * Apply * Lead

Boss UP University

Boss UP University is a year round youth enrichment program that begins in September of each year.  The program serves middle school & high-school students, 12 - 18 years of of age. Youth attend 4 days a week. They attend professional development workshops from subject matter experts. The youth learn to think and act as artists, musicians, designers, recreational coaches, young executives, business and community leaders, working collaboratively, creatively and intelligently.  Boss UP University is committed to providing real world exposure and experiences that prepares students with personal and  professional life skills that last a life time and student learn to listen, think, learn, apply and lead  in business, community and health to become global leaders in today's workforce.  
Expected Outcome:

Young Executives with expanded perspectives on issues affecting their communities equipped with knowledge, skills and a sense of responsibility to community stewardship and business owners

Boss Up University Program Highlights

  • Preparation for High school and college admissions 
  • Experience & Exposure to a variety of business options and careers
  • Personal & Professional development workshops
  • Students build relationships and engage with a supportive Network of professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. 


 Boss Up University encompasses a strong supportive network that extends outside of the classroom and into the community. Students for allies and are able to bond to a collective group of extraordinary role models, mentors and support services to help them reach their fullest potential and life their best life.