Boss UP University Leadership & Communications Youth Led Service Learning Projects

* Listen * Think * Learn * Apply * Lead

Boss UP University

Boss UP University is a year long youth Enrichment Program that begins in August of each year.  Youth learn to think and act as artists, musicians, designers, recreational coaches, young executives, and community leaders, working collaboratively, creatively and intelligently.  Boss UP University is committed to providing real world experiences that prepares students with personal and  professional life skills,  in Business Development, Health Promotion, Recreation & Sports, to become global leaders in today's workforce.  
Expected Outcome:

Young Executives with expanded perspectives on issues affecting their communities equipped with knowledge, skills and a sense of responsibility to community stewardship and business owners

Learning Labs

Music Media Technology Center

 Where music, media and technology meet to build skills and competence in video production and music performances. 

S.T.E.A.M. Learning Projects

 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Media come together in learning labs and outdoor classroom projects 

Chicago All-star Youth Performers & Talent Showcase

 Youth learn to think and act as artists, makers, chefs and designers, working creatively and intelligently.