Healthy Kidz Rock Cafe

Serving up a buffet of healthy meals, fitness and learning activities.

Healthy Kidz Rock Cafe Is positive learning spaces where children can play, eat healthy meals and engage in interactive learning activities with one another in a safe environment. Through this initiative participants eat a well balanced meal once or twice a day. Children learn what it takes to be healthy and takes the healthy life pledge.  They have opportunities to attend after-school camps and summer programs for children at risk of diabetes, childhood obesity and other lifestyle diseases that are preventable.  Healthy Kidz Rock Teachers are a team of passionate individuals who strive every day to impact the lives of young people ages 3—18, through purposeful and fun programming. We are all about serving, nurturing and growing safe and healthy communities. Our goals are to impact food insecurity, address food equality and eliminate chronic lifestyle diseases that are now starting to affect children. So much so research suggest that Chronic Lifestyle diseases are a growing Trend in AMERICA TODAY Research suggest that one in three children are at risk for a variety of health problems & diseases, including heart disease, gallbladder disease, asthma type 2 diabetes and cancer. If the trend continues, this generation will be the first in our history to live shorter lives than their parents.The Healthy Kidz Rock Cafe in collaboration with the University of Illinois learn to make healthy snack and read food labels.